Musical Director

Lyn Kidby


Lyn started singing Barbershop in October 1987 with Keyne Harmony (later Junction14).  To get experience of a larger chorus, she then joined Coast to Coast – a national chorus that meets monthly.  In the 90s she moved to sing with Phoenix for a few years.  Whilst with them she won two bronze and one silver chorus medal at convention, the entertainment gold at the Buckeye convention in Columbus, Ohio and also sang in Sainsbury’s Choir of the Year and at the Barbican.  Later she re-joined Junction14 for a number of years but has now returned to Phoenix who won Silver at the 2017 Sweet Adelines UK convention.  She has also been part of four quartets, two of which have competed at the MK festival and one of which competed at Convention.  Her current quartet Anagram.



Lyn first started working with the Milton Keynotes (later Harmony Union, then MK Acapella) in 1991 as a performance coach.  In 1992 a new director was needed and Lyn was appointed as chorus co-director, and by the beginning of 1993 she was appointed full  MD for the chorus. She continued in this role until February 2003.  Later that year the MD of Junction14 retired, and Lyn took over direction of the ladies.  She immediately set about the task of finding and training a successor with the result that, about three or four years later, she stepped back into the chorus.


Lyn first attended Men’s Harmony College in 1992 as, at that time, only women who were directors of a men’s chorus could attend. After that, she attended almost annually going initially to courses on directing and following up with further directing courses at other times.  Subsequently she did coaching courses for two years, moving on to a three year course intended to produce certified coaches for BABS.  Lyn successfully completed the first two years of this before the course was discontinued, and then spent the next two years at Harmony College assisting with the quartet coaching stream.  She also coached a quartet through to the Senior Quartet Gold medal.

Lyn has also experienced coaching from many top flight coaches as part of both a chorus and a quartet, bringing all she has learned back to the chorus.

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