About MK Acapella

Who Are MK Acapella?

MK Acapella is Milton Keynes’ very own all male barbershop choir who are dedicated to singing in 4 part harmony and promoting this unique sound across the city and beyond. Founded in 1986 we have been entertaining crowds across MK for over 25 years. We perform around the MK area at all sorts of different events ranging from birthday parties to garden fetes as well as weddings or corporate events. But wherever we perform, our style of music is always very warmly   received and the range of songs we sing are diverse, from older sentimental  songs through to the Beatles as well as more modern classics such as Can You Feel the Love the Tonight from the Lion King…… or even a bit of Queen with  Fat Bottomed Girls.

The barbershop style of singing means that we don’t use any musical accompaniment and rely solely on our voices to produce a rich harmonic blend of the four different parts that we sing. The four parts are: Bass – the low notes, Tenor – the high notes, Lead – the melody and finally Baritone – which fills in notes between Bass & Lead. Although the chorus make a fantastic sound with all of us singing; some of us will also be found singing  as a quartet (just four guys singing each part). We normally attend the annual convention of the British Association of Barbershop Singers (BABS) where choruses from around the country compete. In May 2014 at we competed and were honoured to be awarded the Most Improved Chorus which justified all the hard work we had done whilst preparing for the competition.

We are always looking for new members, so if you already sing and want to try something different then get in touch. Perhaps you love singing but have never sung with a chorus, then don't worry most of us started that way so please get in touch.

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